Sunday, January 27, 2008

About Us and Motivation

The Idea was:

Create a new blog while every one of us has his/her own blog. This will be a hot spot or a community for knowledge sharing for CSED department students and graduates.


Creating a community called CSED Bloggers may encourage others skillful guys from department students and graduates to share knowledge which is a bottleneck in our field. Computer Engineer without support loose 50% of power.

How the idea Begun?

A suggestion inspired by Amr Magdy and we " Amr Kabardy and Walaa Saad " were interested in it. We all are from class 2008. We decided not to be all the members, we will be only co-founders or the executive committee. It is some kind of an online activity. This will be only a technical blog and will take no time from anyone. Only when you blog a tech one, post it on both accounts if you have an existing one. You can also share if you don't have a blog and have something to share from time to another.

How the idea developed?

1. We created a new Google account for the blog taking in mind this may be delivered to some one else in the future so it should not be created on a personal Google account.
2. We also created a Google group to receive requests to participate as a request to join the group which may be a good community for Alexandria CSED bloggers.
3. We (all bloggers) may label posts with their bloggers names to enable listing all posts of someone.

Think, Believe and then Move/Go/React

We thought: "We are powerful enough to share our knowledge and let others make benefit of us". We Believed: "this power". and we took an action and by the will of Allah and with your support, we WILL SUCCEED!!

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Mahmoud Saeed said...

This blog is a very great idea, thanks a lot for this sharing of knowledge.

I have found this blog via Amr Magdy's blog who is a person I admired him.

Thanks a lot Amr and your group.

We (AIET - CE Dept.) wish to contact with you in the same field; Computer Engineering.

Mahmoud Saeed
Alexandria Institute of Engineering & Technology - AIET
Computer Engineering Department