Monday, December 28, 2009

Mozakerty is now online

Mozakerty is now online: "

What is Mozakerty ?

A new tool for communication, collaboration and interactivity between student members and the teaching staff.

What is Mozakerty for ?

  • Establishing studying community to ease studying online and Share information.

  • Discover a new way of studying, scheduling, and organization of study materials.

  • Making resources available for every one.

Why Mozakerty ?

  • Tired of papers ?

  • Tired of unorganized documents everywhere ?

  • Some questions are repeated over and over again ?

  • Is there new lectures ?

  • What will be delivered this week ?

  • Want to be notified of new events and lectures ?

  • What is tomorrow schedule ?

  • Want to share questions, answers, notes ?

  • Want a new way to study ?

Here is the solution: Mozakerty

What exactly does Mozakerty stand on ????

  • Model ? we already have one.

  • Forum ? we already........etc.

  • Group ? we ....bla bla bla

  • Social community ? we have facebook, twitter, ....etc.

What about All of these features in a new way to study ? Moakerty.

Mozakerty is developed by me and 5 of my friends (5 months working)

for more technical info on Mozakerty visit my site's page here.


Monday, December 14, 2009

CSED Community Release

We would like to announce the Release of the website

The website is a new Community for the students of CSED that contains:

· Projects (for college or free time projects)

· Ideas of projects

· Resources for subjects

· Quotes

For now, it is only for CSED Students at Alexandria University.

Soon isA, we may add other Computer Students' Communities.

If you are still a student, you will be sent a form to create your account.

If you are a graduate, you are welcomed to give us your comments on our products.

If you have Computer Science Students Community that you want to share with us, contact us

Waiting your feedbacks at

Thanks for your time :-)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Microsoft's COFEE Spills All Over Internet, First Exclusive Images On Internet

Microsoft's COFEE Spills All Over Internet, First Exclusive Images On Internet: "

COFEEAs quite expected Microsoft's automated computer forensic utility COFEE (Computer Online Forensic Evidence Extractor) meant for law-enforcement agencies got leaked on internet and is now readily available on torrent portals and file-sharing websites.

These Are The First EXCLUSIVE Images Of COFEE Utility

Computer Online Forensic Evidence Extractor

How Cofee Works

The utility is designed EXCLUSIVELY for crime-investigators allowing quick and fully-automated extraction of forensic data from computers suspected of containing criminal activity evidence letting investigators search through data on-site, the utility is provided for free by Microsoft to law-enforcement agencies world-over in a USB device which executes more then 150 commands to collect forensic data offering features such as the ability to decrypt passwords, search the computer's Internet activity, and analyze the data stored on it even including the data stored in volatile memory.

read more

Vodafone Egypt: HTC Magic with Android 1.5

Recently Vodafone Egypt has announced its superiority to bring an Android device into Egypt for its lovely customers ;) This device is the neat HTC Magic in its white suit.
Details of the offer can be found on Vodafone website, including the specs of the phone...

By nature everything has advantages and disadvantages... So let's start by.... mmmm, ok disadvantages first :) Here are the major disadvantages I encountered, it may differ for someone else ;) Even though they are listed as disadvantages, I don't have much blame for this..

  • Hmmm, How will I browse the application store (Android Market)?! I need to download applications from there to my phone.. Well, there should be an application called Market for this purpose. This is the official one by google. Unfortunately, this one is not there.... Don't despair, SlideME is here.. SlideME is a community for Android developers and is an Android Market too.. This phone is packed with SlideME application :)
  • 3G connection and WiFi are really working great.. The problem is, WiFi only works with networks conducted through a router or an access point. Adhoc networks aren't that easy :( I couldn't connect to an Adhoc wireless network at home.. Searching the web, I found a way through.. but it requires me to root my phone!! May be later I'll find an easier way, but it'll stays a limitation till then.
  • I've been told while buying that it is locked for Vodafone network.. I can't testify this fact, I only have a Vodafone SIM card :)
  • You can use bluetooth to connect your mobile to a headset, but not for data transfer.. It's not that bad, you actually get a USB data cable with the phone... You can use it for this purpose, or for debuging your own developed applications on the phone ;)

However, you can overcome some of these disadvantages by giving up your warranty and start doing some hacks to root your device (i.e, gain a root access) which will enable you to install more applications, flash a new Android image to your device, or even more; You're the master then ;) This one itself is a big advantage,
your limits are the hardware.. You can play with the software as you like, even the OS “It's open sourced ;)”

I didn't build an enumerated list for advantages, but this HTC Magic is really doing great.. It's fast performing, it has google apps (gmail, gtalk, maps) installed.. You can use GPS or Wireless Networks for determining location.. Connect to the internet through 3G or a WiFi connection.. Enjoy 3.2MP camera with auto focus and video capture abilities.. Synchronize your contacts, mail and calendar with google account.. Customize it and make it yours.. Download and install applications for free from the Market.. Or even develop your own applications.. Enjoy working with the touch screen.. There is more for this list :)

Really, I'm loving it ;) Check videos on YouTube for more demos :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Ubuntu Upgrade.. Easy as a Click

Yes... It's just few clicks to upgrade your current version of Ubuntu to the newest version Ubuntu 9.10 which is given the name 'Karmic Koala'

As stated on Engadget.. This new version is featuring a faster graphical boot sequence (no more scary text scrolls), a revamped audio framework that improves sound control across multiple applications, and a new Software Center that visually simplifies the Add/Remove Applications tool. Firefox 3.5 also comes with this upgrade...

Upgrading is really easy. The time it takes just depends on your internet connection. Just open the update manager from the system menu...

Near the top, you'll get a new release notification.. Click the Upgrade button and follow the instructions.. You'll reach soon :)

The coolest thing is you can still use your computer while the upgrade is in progress.. I still had my browser opening many tabs, my chat client is still working showing my buddies, a song is playing...etc You don't have to take your work off for the upgrade.. You will only need to restart when it's done..

Have Ubuntu 9.10? Enjoy... Older version? Go upgrade... Don't? Go get it and enjoy Linux for human beings :)

P.S. I made the upgrade from Ubuntu 9.4

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Web Browsers for Dummies

Considering the amount of time everyone spends online today, it is funny that many people still don't know what a web browser is, even though they use it every day.

The following video is a questionnaire conducted by Google while promoting their browser Chrome, and it shows that many people don't know what a browser is, or they confuse a browser with a search engine. Only a few people answered correctly.

It also seems that Google is determined to educate people on what a browser is. The latest post on the Official Google Blog has a quick comparison showing that people spend way more time on the web than they spend in their car. However, they are more likely to know which car they are driving than to know which browser they are using.

The author of that post, Jason Toff, created a small video clip explaining what a browser is. It is intended for those who know almost nothing about the computer's technical terms. Take a look:

In addition, Toff has also created a simple site,, that gives even more information about browsers. On this site, you can see which web browser you're using, explore links to browser diagnostic tests and read some useful tips for getting the most out of your browser.

So, do you know which browser you're using?

Monday, October 5, 2009

Paint.NET is a Quality Photo Editing App for Windows

Paint.NET is a Quality Photo Editing App for Windows: "

Looking for a quality all-purpose photo editing program for everyday use? Paint.NET is a free app which is a useful addition to your Windows system.


During the installation process you will have the opportunity to choose between a Quick Install and a Custom Install. In the same install window you will also be able to specify the language that best suits your needs. Both options are very nice to have. You should also make sure you have the Microsoft .NET Framework installed first, but if you don’t the installer will direct you to the site to download it.

Note: Custom Install setup shown here.


Along with being able to choose the install directory of your choice, you will also be able to make selections for image defaults, creating a shortcut on your Desktop, and two types of automatic updates to check for.


Before the install process begins Paint.NET will create a restore point.


Paint.NET will also work to optimize performance for working on your system…yet another nice feature.



Once you have finished the installation and started Paint.NET, this is what it will look like. Except for the floating toolpad, everything else is at the top giving Paint.NET a nice uncluttered look.


Menu Set for Paint.NET

Time for a good look at the menus available for Paint.NET. Here you can see the File, Edit, View, and Image Menus…


Followed by the Layers and Adjustments Menus.


And finally the Effects, Window, and Help Menus.

Note: Notice the pre-plugin look of the Effects Menu…it will not be a small menu for long!



Plugins are one of the terrific things about Paint.NET…choose only what you like (or need). Once you have the zip files for the plugins that you choose downloaded and unzipped, simply place them in the “Effects Folder” and restart Paint.NET. Everything will automatically be ready to go!

Note: The link for the plugins repository is provided at the bottom of the article…


And here is our Effects Menu after we added in our favorite plugins. The Main and Sub Menus are filled with lots of picture modifying goodness now (very nice).


Paint.NET in Action

For our example we decided to crop an area out of a larger picture. Using the “Rectangle Select Tool” from the floating toolpad, we focused on the girl in the center of the picture. Notice the slight change in color and nice dotted outline marking the exact area selected…then all that we had to do was go to the “Edit Menu” and use the “Copy” & “Paste in to New Image” commands.


And there is our new cropped image…all ready to save and/or modify further.



If you have been looking for a free all-purpose photo editor that is very dependable and useful to have around, then Paint.NET is a program that you should definitely have installed on your system.


Download Paint.NET (version 3.36.3158.38068) – Stable

Download Plugins for Paint.NET (Listed as A-L & M-Z)

Works On: Windows XP (SP 2+), Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server (2003 SP 1+)

This article from : How-To Geek

Friday, October 2, 2009

Introducing CubeSat

CubeSat is a 10cm cubic nano-satellite that weights only 1 kg and uses commercial off-the-shelf electronic components. Nano-satellites can be developed in about 1 year at extremely low costs, which creates new possibilities for space missions and business, enabling quick and low-cost demonstration of novel space technologies. Considering these effects, more than 30 universities and research institutes as well as venture businesses are currently pursuing their own CubeSat projects. It is emphasized that it is very important for [space engineering] students to experience the whole cycle of a space project, including mission conceptualization, satellite design, fabrication, ground test and feedbacks of the results, launch and operation.

So, I wish to see some Arabian students working on stuff like that soon. At least, they could build/purchase the device, develop some technology and maybe launch it or keep it in their universities for more such projects. Take Malaysia for example: 5 universities collaborated in developing InnoSat which was launched last April.

We can start by finding interested professors in Arabian universities. Then we can try to collect some capital through the available funding programs. This can be used to buy the required components, but it would be nice if we could build some of them ourselves. Hopefully, this will enable our students to learn the basic skills of space engineering. In case these efforts arrived at good results, maybe this is going to create some business opportunities for space projects in our region.

Space is fun, but this is only one area. The point is, we have to do something
instead of just watching. You have to do something! GO DO SOMETHING!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Microsoft Office 2010


Want to know about Linux ?
Want to learn more about it ?

Here is a free project will help you to know what u want to know about Linux " Linuxdoc "

It's a free project of Benjamin Mako Hill

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wolfram Alpha: A new way to search the web... or is it?

Many of us have heard about the new search engine Wolfram Alpha (made by the same folks who are behind Mathematica, the computational software used in mathematical, engineering, and scientific fields). The new search engine only came online yesterday, but has been hyped up for quite a while now. Even before it was open for the public, some people called it "the Google Killer", even without using it themselves, but only based on some articles and demonstrative preview videos released by the developers.

So now that it's out in the open, what is Wolfram Alpha? The new search engine calls itself a "computational knowledge engine". The basic idea is that you type something in the search box and hit the search button. The engine does not return a list of answers as most other search engines do. Instead, it presents facts about the search term(s), summarized and organized in a way that is easy to understand at a glance. The search terms could be anything. For example:

  • Canada population: will display the population of canada, and charts how it changed over a period of time

  • Moscow rome: displays some facts about the two cities, including a comparison of their populations, time zones, the distance between them, flight time, etc.

  • A calculation (e.g. $250+15% or 4.5*log(pi/2)): The engine will compute the answer, and display the entered formula using the actual mathematical terms (e.g. replacing pi with the Greek symbol, using proper fractions, etc.)

  • A math formula (e.g. x^2 sin(x)): The engine will plot the curve of the formula, compute its roots, and display tons of related information (its derivative, integral, local minimum and maximum, etc.)

  • and more..

Granted, I think Wolfram Alpha has a neat way of summarizing facts into a nice presentable manner, not to mention the mathematical capabilities (solving equations, plotting functions and expressions, etc.). I admit, this is a major strength, which is not surprising, given the background of Wolfram research. However, I personally think it is far from being a Google killer. In fact, the two engines are totally different in the way they operate, and the information they return.

The down-side: lots of the searches return no results. Some of the searches would return nothing, but if you navigate through the categories then repeat the search, then you'll get a result. This is a flaw in my opinion, and it makes it hard to simply search for something from the main search box. The engine makes up for its lacking database by providing a link to "search the web". However, the link is hidden in the bottom left corner and may not be seen unless someone is actually looking for it.

In my opinion, I think the only real edge that Wolfram Alpha has is the mathematical power. No other free online tools can solve complex equations, plot formulas and functions, or provide this much related mathematical information. If the folks behind this engine want to improve on it, I think they should focus more on this aspect, to make it stand out even more.

Although the summarization and presentation of information is neat, I don't think there is real use to it (besides playing and just seeing how cool it is). For someone looking for some fast information, any existing search engine will probably do the trick. If the user actually wants to research something and get all the facts in a way that makes sense, there is no way to trust the results presented by Wolfram Alpha, especially since it does not offer any information as to the source of these results (which would be required in any self-respecting research).

Finally, Wolfram Alpha is definitely not a Google killer. It is yet another tool for web surfers to add to their toolbox. It is yet to be seen whether it survives and grows to be an actual competitor, or it withers and dies. Either way, it will definitely give the existing search engines something to think about in terms of summarizing and presenting results.

Update: I just found out something that confirms my expectation of Wolfram Alpha's limited use. The Wolfram Alpha Terms of Use state that "The free Wolfram Alpha service is available for ad hoc, personal, non-commercial use only", and that users must attribute results produced by using Wolfram Alpha to the company, and that failing to do so may constitute academic plagiarism or a violation of copyright. I totally agree with Thomas Claburn that the facts (which is what the service provides) cannot be copyrighted. This is like using Microsoft Excel to produce some summarized tables of some information, then having to attribute these results to Microsoft. This restriction will only limit the potential usefulness of Wolfram Alpha.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Please do it right...

Hi, I'm here trying to get back to life :) I won't make a long intro, let's start...

Data centric applications are widely used. Maintenance can be a piece of cake or a source of pain. Some people tend to break the rules, doing a nasty design that just works for the moment but fails later. Adding more features or maintaining existing ones brings a lot of headaches like inconsistent data and broken constraints. The problem gets bigger when there is no documentation.

So, please do it right... don't depend on people who come after to review your work and correct it. Keep it clean so they can make further improvements, instead of letting them still trapping bugs.

The following tips, though basic & simple, but IMPORTANT. People doing the maintenance feels them by heart.

  • Enforce Primary Key (PK) and Foreign Key (FK) Constraints:
Heck!! It's an a-b-c database tip. Are there anybody don't enforce PKs?!! Unfortunately, YES. Ignoring PKs and FKs leads to great problems later. It results in inconsistent data. Tables can contain duplicate records, which results in exceptions for queries expecting single value result. Some records may reference non-existing records in other tables, which lead to unexpected results for join queries. Absence of PKs or allowing nulls for them can result in complete records of null values too. Also, absence of FKs can lead to referencing data in wrong tables!!! So, Please do it right and enforce constraints..
  • Don't rely on users to do things right:
Users usually do mistakes. They usually don't understand that simple mistake (like a duplicate record) can make many things fail. They don't understand how will you suffer to overcome their errors, and bring data to a consistent state. That's why you must enforce constraints and data validation on every operation they do. Even you enforce validation on GUI, you should enforce the constraints on the DB objects too. This makes sure your data is consistent and valid. So, Please do it right and don't rely on users..
  • Use the appropriate data types:
For every column in your entire database, pick the data type that best suites the values stored in it. Avoid strings for primary keys. Picking strings for PKs leads to performance deterioration for queries involving operations on the PK like joins and multiple match queries. So, Please do it right and use appropriate data types..
  • Use stored procedures and functions when appropriate:
When there is a common functionality shared among many queries, forms, reports...etc, make use of the stored functions. Some people copy and paste the code as many times as they need it. Any modification later in the functionality has to be applied to all these places, which result in forgetting some places and having them behave differently as they are not updated. Stored procedures and functions saves time as you've to update one place. They also makes it safe as all queries using this functionality will behave the same. So, Please do it right and use stored functions when appropriate..
  • Use the right trigger on the right objects:
Misplacing a trigger results into unexpected functionality as it fires on wrong actions. Also, someone who is maintaining the application would spend much time trying to figure where is this trigger and why it's firing on these actions. So, Please do it right and use triggers correctly..
  • Avoid redundant data:
When designing your database, normalize it and avoid redundant data. Redundant data leads to inconsistency and newbies may get confused, what are the correct sources for the data?!! Replicated tables and redundant columns lead to unexpected behavior for different views of the data. Some queries would update table1 while other queries expect to get the same data from table2!! So, Please do it right and avoid redundant data..
  • Documentation:
Documentation saves much of time when maintaining an application. It help newbies to understand what should be done to fix problems. It helps to understand the structure and design of the application. At least explain the design of the database and describe the contents of each table. Missing the documentation leads to having developers guessing the relations and meaning of different items in the database. These guesses can be wrong, which may lead to wrong decisions. So, Please do it right and document your work..
  • One big query or Many small queries:
I faced some reports where the data were gotten by multiple small queries. One query gets the master data, and other queries computes the details for each record of the master. When these queries are compiled into one big query, the report loaded much faster. This one is a trade off between performance and simplicity of the code. You should pick the right decision on the basis of your application.

Finally, Please do it right.. If you have further tips, add them in the comments.