Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Yesterday, i was reading news through RSS feeds and as usual a word got my attention and also as usual i closed the main thread i was reading and began to search for it "Qtopia". I opened Google and began my usual trip :D ,and minutes later i became more interested to read more about it,i think that you want to know what is it : so let me tell you what i have got and you complete the job by yourselves.

Qtopia is Trolltech's application platform for Embedded Linux-based PDAs, mobile phones, web pads, and other mobile computing devices.

Qtopia features:

Qtopia is dual licensed under the GPL and proprietary licenses.

Qtopia is shipped on over 45 handheld devices including the Sharp Corporation Zaurus line of Linux handhelds, the Sony mylo and the Archos Portable Media Assistant (PMA430), a multimedia device. Qtopia Phone Edition is expected to start shipping on various smartphones. Qtopia has also been ported to run on the Gamepark Holdings GP2X.

As of 2006, there were 11 different models of mobile phone, and 30 other devices, with several million devices running this software. [1]

Qtopia is used as the software platform for the Greenphone, an open phone initiative. Qtopia also runs on the OpenMoko open phone, the FIC Neo 1973. An unofficial hack has also allowed it's use on the Archos wifi series of PMPs (604, 605, 705).


Source :

Qtopia is unrivaled as the application platform and user interface for Linux, allowing efficient creation of mobile and embedded devices.

The Qtopia 4 Series is the latest generation of Trolltech's Qtopia product family. It provides a robust and proven development environment inherited from Trolltech’s leading application framework, Qt.

Continuous & Efficient Innovation
Qtopia's rich toolkit, intuitive API and comprehensive documentation reduce time to market. With Qtopia and Linux, development accelerates across device types.

Freedom to Customize
With full source code and documentation available, developers can easily modify Qtopia and integrate other technologies to create distinctive devices.

Proven Technology
Qtopia inherits the proven strengths of Qt, Trolltech's industry-leading cross-platform application framework. Qtopia is the preferred application development platform for embedded Linux devices.

Qtopia 4 Series

  • Qtopia Core
    Qtopia Core provides the foundation for the entire Qtopia product family. It is the leading application frame-work for single-purpose devices powered by embedded Linux.

  • Qtopia Platform
    Building on Qtopia Core, Qtopia Platform enables the productive creation of Linux devices with a rich multi-application user experience. It is designed to benefit from the highly optimized and memory efficient capabilities of embedded Linux.

  • Qtopia Phone Edition
    Qtopia Phone Edition is a comprehensive application platform and user interface for Linux-based mobile phones. It is enhanced with pre-integrated applications allowing manufacturers and designers to build feature-packed phones.


Qtopia is successfully working in a wide range of products including mobile phones, media players and other consumer electronic devices. In addition, Qtopia powers automotive, medical and industrial electronic equipment. See what Qtopia-based devices are in the market today.

Here i came to the end of my passion to know more about that, but you may find your way on.

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osama_gma said...

It is a good thing when you have an open source operating system on your PDA...
It is also very useful for IT Geeks when they can customize thier PDA's OS :)
But for normal users it, I think that Windows Mobile is the more reliable and it have a very good support. plus, you can communicate with your PC without any problems.
You have Microsoft Office, Explorer, Media Player, ..etc in your PDA.

Also Windws Mobile 6.0 GUI looks better than Qtopia :p

Anonymous said...

Ok, I may support you in windows reliability and performance...etc even i have not tried it myself , but do not you see that we should innovate and distribute new technologies , maybe tomorrow they would be the best ,even better than windows :)

I think the whole world now is adopting open source technologies and you may have seen that a lot of sets already working with it.

I really appreciate your opinion and I hope for the best isA

osama_gma said...

I totally agree with you :)
But just for education and testing not for real live...
Can you imagine a businessman having Depian on his laptop and Qtopia on the PDA :D

Also I don think that any company like HTC for example will think to install Qtopia in one of its Awesome PDAs.

One more reason, We all know that Pocket PC is made for Windows Mobile :)
And if you have one you will find a Logo in its back which says: "Designed for Windows Mobile"

So, give me a good reason to delete this awesome, Well designed and reliable OS to put one that I'm sure that I will suffer with it for months before it become stable with me..

I believe that open source is for educational purposes ..

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you.

And i hope i can try windows mobile One Day.

But there is one point , Open Source is not wholly for educational purpose only , especially at developing country like Egypt.

And believe me Open Source have alot of adv. like security and speed , if you tried Netbeans on Ubuntu and windows , u will know the difference :)
But maybe you are right in the aspect of mobile PCs(Acc. to what they mentioned: As of 2006, there were 11 different models of mobile phone, and 30 other devices, with several million devices running this software.).

Thanks in Your Interest and Good Luck

osama_gma said...

If you are interested in Windows Mobile...
If you Visual Studio 2005...
Go to \Program Files\Microsoft Device Emulator\1.0\
and run dvcemumanager.exe
choose Pocket PC 2003 and run it
If you want to test Windows Mobile 5 or 6 .. Download Windows Mobile 5 or 6 SDK from Microsoft Download Center for Free... ;)

and run the Device Emulator again and test them...

Also you can develop Windows Mobile Application using VB.Net, C#, J# and Visual C++ :D

Awesome huh ;)

I haven't tested Visual Studio 2008 yet but I think that Windows Mobile 6 is Embedded in it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the nice info. and i will work hard isA to try it

فلسطينية said...

السلام عليكم

هذه اول مرة ازور مدونتكم الهادفة, و انا مسرورة بهذا , فانا ادرس هندسة الحاسوب كذلك, و استطيع ان ارى ان لديكم معلومات مفيدة هنا.

كما ان عندي طلب (معلش غلاسة انا عارفة)

عندي مشروع تخرج هذا الفصل , و المشروع يتكون من عدة مراحل , برمجة تطبيق للموبايل واحدة منها , و انا لا اعرف شيئا عن برمجة الموبايل اساسا , فارجو منكم ان تدلوني على موقع او شخص لا يمانع بمساعدتي ..فانا لم استطع ان اجد احدا هنا

ملاحظة: لاحظت ان معظم المشاركات و التعليقات التي قراتها كانت باللغة الانجليزية...لماذا؟؟؟
ارجو ان تفسحوا مكانا للعربية في حديثكم ..و هذا صعب ..ادرك هذا..نظرا لانكم ستضطرون لتعريب كثير من مصطلحات التقنية ..و لكن لغتنا تستحق هذا (عارفة..غتاتة)

شكرا جزيلا.. و الى الامام

osama_gma said...

If you want to program Windows Mobile Applications, you can use Visual Studio with any Microsoft programing language.

If you want to make Mobile program that runs in any mobile you may use JAVA...
Almost of mobiles today supports JAVA.

فلسطينية said...

السلام عليكم

بالنسبة لمشروعي , اريد عمل برنامج يمكن استخدامه في اي موبايل , و انا قررت استخدام لغة J2ME

المشكلة انني لا اعرف ما هي البرامج التي علي استخدامها لبدء البرمجة, هناك اكثر من برنامج او اداة, و انا لا اعرف ايها افضل, فهذه المرة الاولى التي اضطر فيها للتعامل مع الموبايل

على كل شكرا جزيلا
و اكتب بالعربية