Saturday, September 27, 2008

Embeded open source java repoting library

Have you ever need to create a report and want to change it's content or design or send it preameters then you export it as PDF, XLS or CSV from your java code, sure yes.

Open source java library it is now available from JasperSoft company which is the market leader in open source business intelligence tools, the reporting libraries are called 'Jasper Reports '.

Jasper Reports, it is the world's most widely used open source reporting engine. 

you can download its JAR from:

then choose the required pakage version, and choose download.

after finishing download you will find jasperreports-version.jar file is located on your hard disk.

You can copy this JAR file under your lib folder under your java project,

Now, sure you need to create you first report using Jasper reports, there is a GUI designer for creating reports by only drag ad drop report components from toolbox.

This designer is called IReport, which simplifies the development of even the most complex reports. 

you can download it from this link:

and choose your suitable installation, also IReport is now available as a plugin for NetBeans IDE 

a tutorial for IReport to start creating reports using it, is avaliable for download from:

and starts to access it from your java code which will be available soon in a new post after you will finish creating your reports using IReport.

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