Monday, November 2, 2009

Ubuntu Upgrade.. Easy as a Click

Yes... It's just few clicks to upgrade your current version of Ubuntu to the newest version Ubuntu 9.10 which is given the name 'Karmic Koala'

As stated on Engadget.. This new version is featuring a faster graphical boot sequence (no more scary text scrolls), a revamped audio framework that improves sound control across multiple applications, and a new Software Center that visually simplifies the Add/Remove Applications tool. Firefox 3.5 also comes with this upgrade...

Upgrading is really easy. The time it takes just depends on your internet connection. Just open the update manager from the system menu...

Near the top, you'll get a new release notification.. Click the Upgrade button and follow the instructions.. You'll reach soon :)

The coolest thing is you can still use your computer while the upgrade is in progress.. I still had my browser opening many tabs, my chat client is still working showing my buddies, a song is playing...etc You don't have to take your work off for the upgrade.. You will only need to restart when it's done..

Have Ubuntu 9.10? Enjoy... Older version? Go upgrade... Don't? Go get it and enjoy Linux for human beings :)

P.S. I made the upgrade from Ubuntu 9.4

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