Monday, November 9, 2009

Microsoft's COFEE Spills All Over Internet, First Exclusive Images On Internet

Microsoft's COFEE Spills All Over Internet, First Exclusive Images On Internet: "

COFEEAs quite expected Microsoft's automated computer forensic utility COFEE (Computer Online Forensic Evidence Extractor) meant for law-enforcement agencies got leaked on internet and is now readily available on torrent portals and file-sharing websites.

These Are The First EXCLUSIVE Images Of COFEE Utility

Computer Online Forensic Evidence Extractor

How Cofee Works

The utility is designed EXCLUSIVELY for crime-investigators allowing quick and fully-automated extraction of forensic data from computers suspected of containing criminal activity evidence letting investigators search through data on-site, the utility is provided for free by Microsoft to law-enforcement agencies world-over in a USB device which executes more then 150 commands to collect forensic data offering features such as the ability to decrypt passwords, search the computer's Internet activity, and analyze the data stored on it even including the data stored in volatile memory.

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Vodafone Egypt: HTC Magic with Android 1.5

Recently Vodafone Egypt has announced its superiority to bring an Android device into Egypt for its lovely customers ;) This device is the neat HTC Magic in its white suit.
Details of the offer can be found on Vodafone website, including the specs of the phone...

By nature everything has advantages and disadvantages... So let's start by.... mmmm, ok disadvantages first :) Here are the major disadvantages I encountered, it may differ for someone else ;) Even though they are listed as disadvantages, I don't have much blame for this..

  • Hmmm, How will I browse the application store (Android Market)?! I need to download applications from there to my phone.. Well, there should be an application called Market for this purpose. This is the official one by google. Unfortunately, this one is not there.... Don't despair, SlideME is here.. SlideME is a community for Android developers and is an Android Market too.. This phone is packed with SlideME application :)
  • 3G connection and WiFi are really working great.. The problem is, WiFi only works with networks conducted through a router or an access point. Adhoc networks aren't that easy :( I couldn't connect to an Adhoc wireless network at home.. Searching the web, I found a way through.. but it requires me to root my phone!! May be later I'll find an easier way, but it'll stays a limitation till then.
  • I've been told while buying that it is locked for Vodafone network.. I can't testify this fact, I only have a Vodafone SIM card :)
  • You can use bluetooth to connect your mobile to a headset, but not for data transfer.. It's not that bad, you actually get a USB data cable with the phone... You can use it for this purpose, or for debuging your own developed applications on the phone ;)

However, you can overcome some of these disadvantages by giving up your warranty and start doing some hacks to root your device (i.e, gain a root access) which will enable you to install more applications, flash a new Android image to your device, or even more; You're the master then ;) This one itself is a big advantage,
your limits are the hardware.. You can play with the software as you like, even the OS “It's open sourced ;)”

I didn't build an enumerated list for advantages, but this HTC Magic is really doing great.. It's fast performing, it has google apps (gmail, gtalk, maps) installed.. You can use GPS or Wireless Networks for determining location.. Connect to the internet through 3G or a WiFi connection.. Enjoy 3.2MP camera with auto focus and video capture abilities.. Synchronize your contacts, mail and calendar with google account.. Customize it and make it yours.. Download and install applications for free from the Market.. Or even develop your own applications.. Enjoy working with the touch screen.. There is more for this list :)

Really, I'm loving it ;) Check videos on YouTube for more demos :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Ubuntu Upgrade.. Easy as a Click

Yes... It's just few clicks to upgrade your current version of Ubuntu to the newest version Ubuntu 9.10 which is given the name 'Karmic Koala'

As stated on Engadget.. This new version is featuring a faster graphical boot sequence (no more scary text scrolls), a revamped audio framework that improves sound control across multiple applications, and a new Software Center that visually simplifies the Add/Remove Applications tool. Firefox 3.5 also comes with this upgrade...

Upgrading is really easy. The time it takes just depends on your internet connection. Just open the update manager from the system menu...

Near the top, you'll get a new release notification.. Click the Upgrade button and follow the instructions.. You'll reach soon :)

The coolest thing is you can still use your computer while the upgrade is in progress.. I still had my browser opening many tabs, my chat client is still working showing my buddies, a song is playing...etc You don't have to take your work off for the upgrade.. You will only need to restart when it's done..

Have Ubuntu 9.10? Enjoy... Older version? Go upgrade... Don't? Go get it and enjoy Linux for human beings :)

P.S. I made the upgrade from Ubuntu 9.4