Monday, December 28, 2009

Mozakerty is now online

Mozakerty is now online: "

What is Mozakerty ?

A new tool for communication, collaboration and interactivity between student members and the teaching staff.

What is Mozakerty for ?

  • Establishing studying community to ease studying online and Share information.

  • Discover a new way of studying, scheduling, and organization of study materials.

  • Making resources available for every one.

Why Mozakerty ?

  • Tired of papers ?

  • Tired of unorganized documents everywhere ?

  • Some questions are repeated over and over again ?

  • Is there new lectures ?

  • What will be delivered this week ?

  • Want to be notified of new events and lectures ?

  • What is tomorrow schedule ?

  • Want to share questions, answers, notes ?

  • Want a new way to study ?

Here is the solution: Mozakerty

What exactly does Mozakerty stand on ????

  • Model ? we already have one.

  • Forum ? we already........etc.

  • Group ? we ....bla bla bla

  • Social community ? we have facebook, twitter, ....etc.

What about All of these features in a new way to study ? Moakerty.

Mozakerty is developed by me and 5 of my friends (5 months working)

for more technical info on Mozakerty visit my site's page here.


Monday, December 14, 2009

CSED Community Release

We would like to announce the Release of the website

The website is a new Community for the students of CSED that contains:

· Projects (for college or free time projects)

· Ideas of projects

· Resources for subjects

· Quotes

For now, it is only for CSED Students at Alexandria University.

Soon isA, we may add other Computer Students' Communities.

If you are still a student, you will be sent a form to create your account.

If you are a graduate, you are welcomed to give us your comments on our products.

If you have Computer Science Students Community that you want to share with us, contact us

Waiting your feedbacks at

Thanks for your time :-)