Monday, December 28, 2009

Mozakerty is now online

Mozakerty is now online: "

What is Mozakerty ?

A new tool for communication, collaboration and interactivity between student members and the teaching staff.

What is Mozakerty for ?

  • Establishing studying community to ease studying online and Share information.

  • Discover a new way of studying, scheduling, and organization of study materials.

  • Making resources available for every one.

Why Mozakerty ?

  • Tired of papers ?

  • Tired of unorganized documents everywhere ?

  • Some questions are repeated over and over again ?

  • Is there new lectures ?

  • What will be delivered this week ?

  • Want to be notified of new events and lectures ?

  • What is tomorrow schedule ?

  • Want to share questions, answers, notes ?

  • Want a new way to study ?

Here is the solution: Mozakerty

What exactly does Mozakerty stand on ????

  • Model ? we already have one.

  • Forum ? we already........etc.

  • Group ? we ....bla bla bla

  • Social community ? we have facebook, twitter, ....etc.

What about All of these features in a new way to study ? Moakerty.

Mozakerty is developed by me and 5 of my friends (5 months working)

for more technical info on Mozakerty visit my site's page here.


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