Saturday, February 2, 2008

Learn about RSS from Common Craft

i've been very amused about these kind of videos, they call it "XYZ in Plain English", which corresponds to our Arabic expression "بالعربى الفصيح", they aim to introduce complex ideas in a very intuitive and story like way guided with pointing fingers and simple sketches, that makes it easy for you to follow up and get the idea, without having to bear with much jargon.

These videos are created by Common Craft and uploaded to YouTube by leelefever, they made many wonderful videos and have some kind of a show too, very creative and inspiring...

one good example that's suitable for our new blog is RSS in Plain English, RSS makes it easy for you to keep track of your favorite blogs and news updates, the video introduces the idea non-technically which isn't enough for you, since it only introduced the illusion of the service,

i prefer you read a little bit more about it on Wikipedia, you can start from here, and to make this discussion more thorough, i have to mention pinging and its implications.

do want to know what an rss feed looks like? click this link to view our blog feed, maybe your browser will suggest registering the feed too, it's a kind of xml that contains some or all the data you need to get, you can view the page source to have a closer look.


Amr El-Helw said...

I just saw that video. It is nice and all, but I found it a bit distracting (with all the hand work, and throwing the paper sheets away and stuff).

About RSS, I personally think it's one of today's best technologies. Without it I wouldn't have been able to keep up with all the blogs that I like to read. I have posted about RSS before. If you're interested, check my post here I believe the most popular RSS readers now are Bloglines and Google Reader (I use the latter). There is also a nice comparison between them here.

Walaa S. Harmoush said...

el Salamo 3alikom

when i published my last blog, i thought could the younger colleagues understand it and the word that stopped me was RSS (i could not say i am new to it but i used it heavily the last few months, i have used Akregator(KDE/Linux) and Google Reader on windows) so how could some people so new to the internet know it. then i decided to blog about it so that i show how useful it is,and i was so so happy when i saw ur blog

i have watched the videos and read ur blog, and eng. Amr blog , and really i gained new information and i thought if i had wrote on the topic, i would not got more , so i want to thank you about these valuable information.

Nice Post , Keep Up.

Ahmad Abd El Kader said...

well eng.Amr, i felt the hand just followed my every thought and loved the fast, clean and fluid transition between points till you get a better grip of the whole subject,

wa 3alaykom el salam Walaa, thanks for your kind reply, i really appreciate it.

Amr El-Helw said...

Don't get me wrong Ahmad. I think the video is a very good effort to explain a concept in simple terms. I just thought it was a little distracting for me. I'm sure others might have a different opinion :)