Friday, February 5, 2010

Vodafone Egypt HTC Magic: Rooting and Upgrade

Hello back! Long time since my previous post about the major pros and cons I encountered with the HTC Magic offered by Vodafone Egypt.

With no long introductions, here is the story of this new post...

A couple of days ago, I took the risk and started the process of rooting and flashing a new Android image to my HTC Magic. There were two major things in my mind then: First, I wanted to upgrade from Android 1.5 (Cupcake) to Android 1.6 (Donut). Second, I wanted to release my phone from the Vodafone Network Lock.

So after all, what did I win? and what did I lose? This won't be a full list.. It's only the major things I experienced during this short period after the upgrade operation :) Again as I said in the previous post, this can differ from one to another (depending on usage and interests)..

Let's start by the loss to keep the good things for a good ending :D
1 - I still couldn't UNLOCK the phone. It looks like I need to obtain an unlock code from Vodafone itself.
2 - I lost the Arabic support. Applications now display Arabic as symbols. However I could still install an "Arabic Keyboard", an application for sending and reading SMS in Arabic "Mirsal" and some other applications that display Arabic very well. (All from Market).

Well, I didn't experience any more troubles (Thanks Allah). I won some things that I really appreciate and making my loss inconsiderable :)
2 - By the first sight, I couldn't wait to try this "speech recognition" feature. You can search by voice instead of typing keywords. Or you can tell the phone to dial someone or some number instead of typing.
3 - Android Market. Yes, now I have the official android Market application. This itself is a big great advantage. Now I can browse, search, download and install more and more applications. One application that I couldn't try before having this "Market" application is the Google Goggles application.

mmm, this is all I wanted to tell you for now. But I believe there are more to enjoy ;)

I still didn't tell you how? Well, before you proceed I've to state this disclaimer: "Please make sure to take your own responsibility and risk before applying or trying anything of the following steps on your phone. If anything went wrong, there is no one to blame but yourself :)"
Okay, I don't like to make a copy/past articles. So follow this link for step by step procedure. btw, it is a good practice to read it all and download everything you'll need before starting.

Good Luck :)

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Khaled said...

Hello I came across your blog
and am running through one problem here...After rooting my phone, how I do get access to the android market?
Saudi arabia doesn't have the android market, and am wondering how to add it....